My friend knows he should have picked a better choice

My best friend as well as myself are quite different in a many of ways. The two of us believe this is a reason why the two of us are very close. We seem to complement one another because we don’t really have a lot of things that make us upset. I am mostly a writer as well as rarely go outdoors. I tend to be all of myself as well as be in my own. Mike does not love writing as well as studying as well as enjoys being social, outside, as well as also playing activities. The two of us share some of our interest however fundamentally the two of us are absolutely different people. The two of us were surprised that Mike one of the two of us to play in a weekend golf tournament. The problem is that I don’t play golf however my was definitely hoping that I would secretly beat the caddy just so I could carry around cannabis products. The caddy job is usually giving advice, but then the caddy would not be a person that would sneak cannabis to Mike while he was playing. The two of us would walk around as I would carry the multiple pocketed bag that had cannabis Edibles, Vape products, as well as a variety of other items that would be administered to him as necessary. I definitely don’t understand golf, however, the two of us understood that the two of us had a job to do. I was more than happy to help my friend out by walking around as well as administering marijuana products.