The dispensary guard came out of nowhere

The two of us have a job that includes working with boisterous as well as many fun people. All of these people are quite well educated to then when people think about easily working in this cannabis dispensary, it is clear that the staff is usually High most days. This would not be true of this particular business as there are no people allowed to smoke at all while they are working on the cannabis dispensary floor. After minutes as well as on off days, the two of us are usually stoned however we do not smoke cannabis at work. The two of us take our work very seriously as well as believe that that judgment should not be impaired with smoking marijuana which would have us giving out advice that is awful to our clients. Cannabis legalization is still new as well as the shop is always incredibly busy. A reason that many people want to be clear from this shop is due to the volume of the people as well as the currency. We have to have a guard settled at the door where people are checking in with their identification cards. The two of us have them enter the cannabis dispensary as well as then there is a guard that will be in the back of the room. Each one of the security officers have a weapon to keep everyone in line. Some days after there are really big weekends, the two of us will have a ton of money inside of the Cannabis dispensary. It is regularly important to have the guard there as well as inside of the building.