The delivery pizza job was way boring

When the two of us were working in delivery for pizza, the two of us regularly had weed sales that we’re making some currency then people who job inside of the food industry are really notorious big marijuana smokers.

So most of our sales came from being with our co-workers.

I paid extra and more attention when the two of us made night-time deliveries and when we went to the college campus. When the two of us thought there was some marijuana smoke that was somewhere close by, the two of us mentioned that the two of us had a little bit of different marijuana products. This would allow me to sell my cannabis product for twice the going rate. The client was easily stoned as well as this work for quite a long time. The cannabis dispensaries open down the street as well as my hustle was abruptly halted. The dispensary offered many deliveries for orders that were $100 and we had to demand a way for the way to be disappeared in an overnight place. The two of us decided to join the Cannabis team as well as signed some documents saying that the two of us would no longer do anything illegal having to do with cannabis. Now that the two of us work for this place, the two of us have no need to do any other type of business. The pay is absolutely fantastic as well as I receive wonderful tips from many of the clients. There is no way that I would ever go back to the boring pizza job.


Marijuana delivery