I have a tax lawyer to answer our questions about marijuana law

I unquestionably don’t guess unquestionably much about marijuana law, and i have an expert that helps when I have questions about the laws and regulations, and what I do the best is grow marijuana.

I have been growing marijuana since the 1990’s.

It wasn’t legal back then, but it was the way that I earned money. I had a red thumb and a knack for growing large buds of cannabis sativa, then my friends paid premium dollars for the cannabis sativa buds. Eventually I got in trouble for growing marijuana and I ended up in jail. I served 6 weeks. When I got out, all of our plants were dead or destroyed. I had to start all over again, but this time I wanted to do things the right way. I contacted a cannabis consulting firm and I spoke with a lawyer regarding the ways that I could become legalized to grow and sell marijuana, the lawyer and cannabis consultant helped myself and others with every step of the process. It wasn’t cheap to get our permit to grow marijuana, but our friends absolutely helped by purchasing all of the buds that I had in storage… After I got off the ground, I made sure that all of our friends were fully compensated for their help. I have more than seven different varieties of marijuana plants on our farm and I sell our flower to more than two different cannabis dispensaries. The help that I earned from the cannabis consultant turned out to be help that changed our life, now I make various figures a year and I have expanded our farm by 25 acres.



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