I’m thrilled to see my parents responding so well to the CBD products I gave them

These days I’m making up for all of the time I spent away from my parents in my 20s while I was going to college and working a career in another state. I finally had a chance to move back to my home state when my employer decided to move its company offices to the state capital. I was so ecstatic when I heard the news and wasted no time whatsoever getting on the phone and calling my parents to tell them the good news. That meant I could go back home not just to see my family and spend time with them again, but to see the natural environment of my home state again. I had to live in a swampy southern state and I couldn’t ever completely enjoy hiking in the woods down there because of the constant risk of both snakes and alligators, especially if you’re near any creeks, rivers, ponds, or lakes. But in my home state, the most dangerous things that you have to worry about while hiking are poison ivy and ticks carrying lyme disease. I brought CBD and hemp products back with me to give to my parents because I lived so close to a CBD store in my previous residence. I was thrilled when my parents responded so well to the CBD products that I let them try, especially the CBD tinctures and topicals like CBD salves and skin creams. Since my parents have arthritis, they benefit a lot from the high CBD topical products. I just wish the hemp products of this quality weren’t so expensive. It makes sense that the higher quality CBD products would cost more than the lower quality options.


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