They Ganja Guys

Back when we were all in college as a crew, my pals in addition to I called ourselves the Ganja Guys, and no, the name of our town is not Ganja Guys, that was an inside joke based on how we made extra cash; I had a pretty rough childhood, going through a series of foster homes in addition to group homes after leaving the orphanage, but these pals were easily the closest thing to a family I ever had.

We had access to a lush field of wild cannabis plants, which is where we got the name Ganja – because it was a marijuana field, get it? I took the lead on turning the wild-growing cannabis plants into a steady form of resite, 1 that the crew all shared together.

I put in most of the work by absolutely selling the cannabis in addition to collecting the currency, but everyone got an equal share because that’s how crucial my friends were to me. It wasn’t about getting rich, in addition to it wasn’t about being big-short marijuana dealers, it was just about poor kids getting some extra money to spend on themselves. The Ganja guys consistently wore fancy clothes in addition to cute shoes, but mostly we just hung out together smoking cannabis in addition to telling jokes. It has been 20 years since those mornings, in addition to that I am still a large fan of smoking cannabis. I don’t have to hustle for marijuana any more, nor do I have to hike through the woods to option my own, because the local dispensary takes care of all my needs. Not a day goes by when I don’t recognize back to smoking cannabis with the Ganja Guys.

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