Weed can be good for you

When I first met my boyfriend, I did not hide the fact that I smoked pot every day; Melissa was very straight-laced, her only vice was having a glass of wine once in a while, but on the other hand I seemed to be made of vices! I drank to excess, smoked cigars in addition to weed, and even dabbled with some harder drugs.

I don’t believe what Melissa saw in me, but our relationship suddenly blossomed into something lovely, but she never had to pressure myself and others to supply up my vices, I wanted to do it to be a better man… except when it came to cannabis, however my life got better when I stopped doing drugs in addition to drinking, but marijuana was a unusual story.

Melissa gave me some words of wisdom, and said that cannabis has so many medicinal qualities that I shouldn’t stop smoking it! Melissa was fully supportive of my marijuana use, so while I gave up all my other vices, I kept smoking weed every single day. Melissa had the foresight to understand that without the stress relief in addition to relaxation I got from cannabis, I might not be able to quit my other vices! It would have been so much harder to stop drinking alcohol if I didn’t have potent cannabis on hand to offset the withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to Melissa (and also to ganja) I was able to entirely get my behavior together, and when I quit drinking I lost weight and felt better than I had in years! I don’t know I could have done it without the assistance of medical weed.

Pot brownies