They ate some of my supplies

I was faced with a bit of a pickle a few weeks back, as I prepared to leave for holiday.

I was driving down to spend 4 afternoons with my parents in their cute beachside shack.

I love going to the ocean, in addition to also I hadn’t visited my folks since they moved down south last year. My problem was that I got high every single day, in addition to my parents would never allow that in their home. They didn’t allow any kind of marijuana product, nor any alcohol stronger than pale ale. I knew that spending so much time with them, with no access to cannabis, would not be a great time. My response was to grind up half an ounce of purple haze and use it to make a super-potent batch of pot cookies. I portioned out all of the pot cookies, in the exact same size of circles, before individually wrapping them all in plastic. I could pace myself, eating 1 pot cookie at a time. I could keep a killer groove for the holiday. The next day I woke up to have an early lunch with my folks, in addition to realizing that someone had gotten into my pot cookies! It turns out my mom and dad both had a midnight snack, and had stumbled across my stash of pot cookies. Thankfully they only ate 1 apiece, because there was a lot of weed in each of them. They didn’t have my tolerance for THC. I don’t know if they ever realized they had consumed cannabis, but they giggled a lot for a few tenths before taking long day naps.

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