Entertainment at the dispensary

The local cannabis dispensary opened up a big time smokers lounge a few months back.

I was unsure of it at first, because this state has strict anti-smoking laws for businesses, but these business owners found a nice little lee-way spot, so half of the lounge is enclosed, with climate control, a full bar, in addition to a limited array of packaged snacks.

The other half is a covered patio with open walls, with a small stage in the middle of it… People can smoke outside, so the cannabis dispensary has an area for the customers to hang out and enjoy themselves. The stage was a more recent addition to the lounge, to allow local acts and musicians to perform shows at the cannabis dispensary. The cannabis dispensary also hosts a band night once every month, in addition to all you have to do is sign up the week before. Ordinarily I would never get on stage in front of people to perform, but I felt that the stoners at the cannabis dispensary would care about my stand-up comedy routine. I was pretty wrong about that, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Everyone present was either on edibles, vaping cannabis oil, or just plain intoxicated, so if I can’t make them laugh maybe I’m just not funny. I am not quite ready to quit, though, so I signed up for the next open mic night at the cannabis dispensary. I will try some modern material, including a funny story I have about an incident with a pan of pot brownies at my parents house, in addition to see if I fare any better.


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