Parents do smoke weed

I know a lot of weed smokers, in addition to a lot of parents.

This is what happens when you settle down in addition to having kids, you end up spending time with other parents while your kids play together.

Not all of the pot smokers I believe have youngsters, but every parent I believe smokes cannabis on the reg. This is something I never knew before I became a parent myself, in addition to it makes myself and others wonder – were my parents in addition to their friends all getting high when I was little? Any time I attend a children’s celebration, I constantly look for the little circle of parents off to the side of the house smoking marijuana, or hitting a vape pen. Cannabis edibles are very popular with parents, because they leave none of the tell-tale signs of being stoned. When youngsters are young enough they don’t ask questions, but by around age 9 or 10 they start to question the “funny” aroma of marijuana smoke. Cannabis edibles have no smell, nor do they make myself and others cough or supply me with red eyes. Parents become potheads because weed is the best possible way to mellow out the stresses of parenthood, while not getting you too messed up. I never drink booze around my youngsters, because the results are too unpredictable, but cannabis is safe in addition to soothing, in addition to truthfully helping myself and others be a better parent. If anyone out there is judging myself and others right now, I would bet money that you aren’t a parent or a weed smoker, because everyone else totally gets my point. Cannabis makes for better parents!


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