Stand up for cannabis

No, everything is consistently the top of the line

I want to be a comic. I have traveled all around this space of the country doing small little shows. I still have not “gotten my break” but I keep grinding away. So until I can get some higher paying jobs I can only do shows in spots within driving range of my house. These can be very small potatoes, but a few months ago I made a change in addition to finding a whole modern untapped market. As marijuana becomes legal in more arenas there are more dispensaries in addition to smokers lounges open, in addition to these arenas sometimes looking for live talent. Doing a stand-up comedy in front of a bunch of potheads at the cannabis dispensary is entirely great for my self esteem, because I never get larger laughs! The negatives of these gigs is that they pay very little, and most times the owner wants to pay me in cannabis instead of money. Of course I consistently take it, because it winds up being a better deal for me. I would be blessed to make 25 bucks at 1 of these gigs, however I will routinely receive $100 or more worth of cannabis. When currency gets tight I don’t even smoke the cannabis, I shop it around to my friends in addition to see if anyone wants to buy it. These cannabis dispensary owners never supply me the cheap stuff either. No, everything is consistently the top of the line. At this point I try not to worry about the currency or the cannabis, I just keep grinding out shows hoping that 1 day I will catch my large break. Can a large break come at a cannabis dispensary? Maybe.


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