I feel better when I get high with edibles

I often use medical marijuana products to make myself and others feel better.

I often feel low because I have problems with depression, and depression has been a problem for my whole family.

It seems to affect pretty much everyone in a different way. My depression got easily terrible when I was in my twenties plus I contemplated suicide several different times, however when I finally went to a therapist to discuss my problems, she commanded trying medical marijuana, however she believed that medical marijuana might help myself and others feel better in some of the everyday situations that were causing myself and others stress. I was sincerely ready to try anything at that point. I had to meet with a specialist in order to become licensed plus registered for buying Medical marijuana. When I was first approved, I had to drive all the way to the state capitol to buy marijuana. There was only a single dispensary in the whole state plus it was located in the capital city. Thank goodness I was only 2 hours away. There were other people in the state that had to drive several or more than six hours. I truly feel much better when I get high with edibles! Edible marijuana products make myself and others feel more at ease, more calm, plus far less depressed. I wish that I had known about medical marijuana when I was a teenager. I might not have thought life was so terrible if I could have escaped using marijuana every once in a while. Medical marijuana just makes myself and others feel much more relaxed plus that helps every facet of my weekly life.

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