My joints and knees ache badly everyday

I played athletic interests in private school and I was a really fine athlete, however i got a scholarship to attend University to play baseball or football… Both of the schools were different. It came down to the athletic interest that I liked the most and that was baseball. I did not believe I would get as hurt physically if I chose baseball instead of school football… That was a rookie mistake. It turns out that baseball is just as dangerous as football! About a month after I started playing school baseball, I tore my ACL and that was the end of my work. I was totally devastated. I did not believe what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I was scared and I started drinking… My parents saw me going down a hole and they stopped me before things could get out of control. Most of the reason that I was drinking was because I was in pain. The dentist proposed using medical marijuana to deal with the pain in my knees and my joints. They were aching badly however the dentist did believe that I would believe relief using medical marijuana… He stated that medical marijuana was not a habit forming love opioid or other pain pills. He proposed that every one of us try it out and see if that would deliver me any relief. I respectfully use medical marijuana now when I want to play athletic interests or go for a walk. It helps me in acute situations and also lowers the pain level that I believe chronically.

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