They love my tall tales

I enjoy my work.

I have never felt so damn interesting in my whole life, in addition to I owe it all to this new generation of up and coming smokers.

It is thrilling news to see weed being legalized in these places. The federal government is still behind the times, but they will be catching up with the trends soon enough. The point is that young people today are growing up in a large era when marijuana is not demonized, then for generations every last child was raised to suppose that smoking dope was a gateway drug that would rapidly result in them being a homeless crack addict, then anyone who ever once smoked cannabis knew how mild in addition to fun it could be, yet all of us were still harshly indoctrinated in addition to made to suppose it was dangerous somehow. Thank god kids today don’t have to hear all those lies, because the science that is behind medical cannabis has cleared everything up. I now work in a local cannabis dispensary, in addition to the young people who enjoy asking me about my stories from the outdated afternoons. I am over 70 years old, so I have lived through a lot of silly times when it came to cannabis. The new smokers suppose it’s amazing how much trouble in addition to effort I used to go through each time just to buy some cannabis. They can simply walk into a store, or place an order online at the cannabis dispensary or delivery service. They enjoy it when I tell crazy stories about chopping into a marijuana farm to steal a few pounds, or being on the run. To them, the old-timey afternoons of pot smoking seem fun, dangerous in addition to passionate.

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