Now we’re best buddies

My next door friend has an old, run down boat parked in his driveway, in addition to it’s been there for a few years. I suppose that Ben used to go fishing all the time, at least every weekend, but now the destroyed boat just takes up a section at his house. Not only that, but Ben hangs out on the boat, as if it’s out to sea, and he sits there in a sod chair, drinking bourbon for hours on end, in addition to smoking copious amounts of cannabis. Being quite a fan of cannabis myself, eventually I approached Ben about hanging out together. I brought over a multiple pack of beer, he rolled up a few cannabis joints, in addition to all of us hung for the morning getting nice in addition to toasted. After all of us had smoked it all up, Ben went under decks in addition to came back up clutching a fistful marijuana. I am not even exaggerating, this guy had about multiple ounces worth of high-grade cannabis in his hand, which Ben dumped into a glass jar. After smoking a couple more joints, Ben said he had something to show me, in addition to took me under deck. There I found a solid eighty pound brick of cannabis, still wrapped in plastic, however Ben explained that 1 morning while he was fishing he found this enormous brick of cannabis just floating in the ocean. This is literally a lifetime supply of cannabis! Ever since Ben has been too afraid to take the boat back out, in case the original owners of the high quality cannabis were still looking for it. Now I’m set because Ben will sell me as much cannabis as I want!

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