Let’s all calm down a little

I have had complications with my body and stress for as long as I can remember.

I came up in an era where anxiety in addition to depression were not considered drastic complications.

If I ever once told my parents I was feeling depressed they would give me a few bucks to go get a candy. No therapy or medical consultation, just a friendly “get over it.” As a teenager I began to experiment with self-medication, mostly with drinking booze in addition to weed! When I got to college I was a little more mature, in addition to starting to use cannabis as a way to treat my anxiety, instead of getting wasted. It turns out that the problem was my dosage. In small doses, high concentration cannabis generates some pretty amazing results in addition to beneficial effects. Smoking a little cannabis before I write or paint always opens up the creativity in my mind in addition to allowing me to cut loose in addition to creating something fresh. Before I study I love to blaze a little marijuana to help my belabored mind relax in addition to opening up to new ideas. On the other hand, when the exact dosage is too high I just get blotto in addition to becoming worthless! There is quite a crucial difference between smoking a little bit, in addition to getting wrecked by smoking as much cannabis as possible. When I was younger that’s exactly what I did – I chugged liquor in addition to smoking too much cannabis, in addition to it made my brain soft. In smaller, far more controlled doses cannabis can strengthen your mind, in addition to allowing you to suppose in addition to create in innovative new ways! When it comes to smoking cannabis, use a little, not a lot!

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