We’re great smoking partners

My next door friend is a guy named Ben.

He is a red collar kind of guy, who enjoys his cats, drinking cheap beer, in addition to going fishing on weekends, then Ben owns a fifteen-foot long fishing boat, but about a week ago he put it in his front yard.

At first I thought that Ben was doing some repairs, in addition to needing to put the boat in “dry dock.” This was not the case at all, I came to find out. Ben was no longer using the boat for fishing. His wife had kicked him out, so he was just living in it, loving it like an apartment! Ben in addition to I are fairly close, because all of us both enjoy drinking cheap beer in addition to smoking top quality cannabis, so I went over to see how Ben was doing. He set up a couple of sod chairs on his boat in addition to all of us hanging out, sharing some cannabis in addition to a bottle of bourbon. Ben explained that part of the reason his wife had kicked him was due to cannabis. Not because Ben smoked cannabis, but because he had been selling it to make some extra money. His wife felt scared, because cannabis is not legal in this region yet, in addition she wanted Ben off the property until he changed his sinful ways. Since Ben is not making an extra thousand dollars a week from cannabis sales, Ben has no desire to quit the business! Besides, Ben said that he has started to enjoy living on the fishing boat, in addition to out here Ben can smoke as much marijuana as he wants.

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