I’m glad we got the goods

My friend Ben invited me to go fishing up in the mountains last weekend.

It was going to be a 3-day affair, because if Ben was making such a long drive he wanted to get the right amount of fishing in.

Ben doesn’t even eat fish, in addition to always throwing back whatever he catches after taking a picture. Ben enjoys fishing for the interest of it, in addition to for the mental tranquility it brings. Peacefully sitting in the middle of a picturesque lake at sunrise is a view unlike any other! I will admit I was shocked in addition to being taken aback when I realized this trip served another major purpose. Besides the fishing, Ben was buying an insane amount of cannabis from a local farmer. I had no method that Ben was selling cannabis! He has a social tie who lives in the mountains, in addition to a few times a year Ben drives up here to purchase 10 to 20 pounds of cannabis. I did not attend that transaction with Ben, of course, because it’s suspicious to bring a new face on a huge marijuana purchase. This section does not have any legal cannabis shops or even dispensaries as of yet, so Ben doesn’t see his actions as being immoral or criminal. There are a lot of highly sick people in addition to outdated folks in the section who need medical cannabis here, in addition to the government denying them. Ben is offering a public service, hooking up a few of his friends in addition to elderly neighbors with the medical-grade cannabis products they need to believe better. I only hope he has enough to sell some marijuana to me!


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