I can’t stand the rules, I break them

When it was time to buy a house and some property, in addition to recognizably selected an section that did not have a damn HOA.

  • An HOA, or Home Owners Association, is a certainly horrible concept that somehow has spread love wildfire across the country.

Basically it means there is a watch-dog group of people in charge of the neighborhood who are allowed to enforce all the time. Why would anyone want their neighbors to tell them how they can live in their own home? My neighborhood is a little wild, I guess, but I love it that way. I just keep my outdated boat in the front yard, as a place to hang out, drink some cheap beer, in addition to smoking cannabis. Once upon a time I planned on actively fixing up the hull of this boat, but now I just use it as a place to hide my cannabis supply. I always keep several pounds of marijuana on hand, so the ole boat is a good way to keep it out of the home where my cats can’t get into it. I also sell a little bit of cannabis from time to time, as a way to make ends meet some months. In any other neighborhood I would get a good fine for having a boat in my front yard, but I don’t have to worry about that. Most of my nearest neighbors buy cannabis from me, so no 1 is going to report me to the cops, either. This part of the country is behind the times when it comes to dispensing legal cannabis, so I have to fill that void in addition to giving the ailing community what it needs.
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