CBD for pet care

I have a fourteen-year-old miniature poodle! I’ve had the pet since he was a puppy! He has grown up with our kids and is definitely an pressing area of the family, but over the last couple of years, our pet has begun to show signs of aging.

He no longer hears or sees absolutely well.

His teeth are extra sensitive, and he sleeps a lot. He has some trouble jumping onto the furniture and going up and down the stairs. He has problems with arthritis, and his legs often become stiff and sore, the vet offered us a prescription for the pet that seemed to help a bit however also frustrated his stomach. I did some research and l earned that the medication includes a long list of harmful side-effects, but as I was looking for information online, I came across cannabis for pets. A lot of pet and animal owners have offered relief and improvement for their pets with cannabis chews and tinctures. These products are particularly designed for pets and are available in a range of flavors, potency and consumption methods. I checked into the selection of cannabis for sale at the dispensaries in our local section and found several that carry pet products… From a single of the budtenders, I l earned that CBD pet products can supply arthritis relief by reducing inflammation and pain in pets with joint problems. There are no side effects of CBD treatment. The full-spectrum CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC and doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects; Within a single day, I noticed that our poodle had increased mobility.


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