My period is so much better thanks to medical marijuana

Of course, talking about one’s period is not the sort of conversation most of us feel all that comfortable about.

Still though, it’s a reality that all women face or have faced.

For a percentage of us out there, periods are just completely debilitating. But thanks to access to the cannabis store, I’m now managing my cycle far better. I’m just so very grateful that I have an option like medical marijuana. My doctor and I tried just about everything else out there. Yet, I maybe had one week a month that I wasn’t taking a beating due to the symptoms of my cycle. It got to the point I just couldn’t enjoy any quality of life. The medications help some but also had massive side effects. So my doctor suggested that we do what we needed to in order to learn how to get me a medical marijuana card. For sure, it was time to give cannabis products the old college try. Having read about medical marijuana benefits for women with brutal cycles, I was encouraged. And this got me to learn more about medical marijuana facts that related to my cycle. Once I got through the cannabis regulations, it was off to the legal weed store. There I found people that were not only expert when it came to having a cannabis education but they were kind as well. The compassion for my situation was something I wasn’t expecting but it sure was welcome. Over the months, they’ve helped me fine tune the cannabis flower products that are now making such a difference when it comes to the symptoms of my monthly cycle.



Medical Cannabis Cards