My recovery is aided by medical marijuana

Had I been involved in that accident inside an older car, I wouldn’t have lived to the tell the tale.

  • So I guess my first shout out should be to the advanced safety technology in today’s vehicles.

But the next shout out as I continue to recover from my injuries goes out to medical cannabis. The journey to a new normal is supported by medical marijuana. Once I was able to start physical therapy, I really wanted to use medical cannabis. I was fully aware of the medical marijuana benefits for someone with the sort of trauma I was experiencing. I knew that because I was a big advocate for making medical marijuana legal in this state. I got out and campaigned in order to get medical marijuana facts out there. If I could dispel the myths of cannabis products then people could understand the truth about medical marijuana benefits when it comes to healing. Indeed, the healing properties of medical marijuana go back some 5,000 years. It really is just a blessing that this plant is so plentiful and comes with so many healing qualities. Once I was able to wean off the pain meds and use cannabis flower products to manage my pain, I’m doing much better in my recovery. I knew that I could count on medical cannabis to help me with flexibility and relieve stiffness in my damage joints and muscles. Medical marijuana help me with range of motion so I can get the most out of physical therapy. It’s ironic that I campaigned for medical marijuana and now it has made such a dramatic impact now that I’m a recovering from traumatic injury.

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