Discovering cannabis vapes

When I first began shopping at the local cannabis dispensary, I wasn’t all that regular with the different types of consumption methods, and in the past, I’d strictly smoked dried flower; Since I’d consistently rolled my own joints, pre-rolls were an exciting luxury, then because of a recommendation from 1 of the budtenders, I offered vapes a try.

I was amazed by the burst of flavor.

Because the cannabis oil is only heated to the point of vaporization rather than combustion, more of the terpenes are preserved… Plus, I was honestly appreciative of the lack of smoke and smell, however a disposable vape pen is the easiest thing in the world. It fits in my pocket, allowing myself and others to bring cannabis along on a variety of activities. I care about to have a little puff off a vape prior to going for a run, when I take a bike ride or if I paddle my kayak along the river, and the better vapes let myself and others determine how much I want to inhale and there’s no waste. I push a button and breathe in. I don’t need to have access to a lighter, ashtray, rolling papers or rolling tray. There’s no ash to deal with. There are less carcinogens which is a healthier alternative for my lungs. The popularity of vapes has led to an explosion of options, and nearly all of the most sought-after brands now produce a line of disposable and refillable carts, and for the refillable options, all I need is a battery. I can shop for high-THC potency sativas or equal ratio THC and CBD indicas. There are hybrids that target unique effects. I can focus on relaxation, getting energized, pain relief, a better evening’s sleep or stress relief.

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