Reaching remission with a big assist from marijuana

When marijuana legislation in our state was being fought over, I was pretty much checked out. I really didn’t have a dog in the fight so I wasn’t overly concerned about the outcome. I certainly wanted people to have access to a cannabis dispensary if they needed it. But I was also a bit skeptical as I sort of bought into the myth about marijuana use. Well, all of that changed with one visit to the doctor’s office. After a routine physical, my doctor called me back to the office which I thought was unusual. It was unusual because she let me know that I had stage 2 cancer. That was a lot to absorb and process but I’m really glad that I have the doctor I have. She made sure that she wrote down and had literature on all the relevant information I needed going forward. Of course, there were appointments with oncologists and other specialists. But my doctor also included medical marijuana information. The fact that medical marijuana was legal in our state now suddenly became very important to me. And I have to say that I’m awfully thankful that I’m able to benefit from medical marijuana when it comes to my cancer treatment. All of my doctors were adamant about getting sativa and indica products to help me manage during chemotherapy. Well I did just what they all suggested and I have now finished my initial treatments. I’m so fortunate to be in remission now and a great deal of that credit goes to medical marijuana.

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