Eating disorder gets help from cannabis products

I know it sounds strange for a man to be talking about dealing with an eating disorder.

But that just goes to show you that women are unfairly stereotyped when it comes to eating disorders.

Prior to therapy and treatment with medical marijuana, I have been dealing with eating disorders for as long as I can remember. Genetically, I come from a family who has always had weight issues. Going back generations, carrying too much weight has always been a problem in our family. But it was not looked upon as something unusual which made it tough for me. I wanted to look like the other guys in my junior high. So I learned how to starve myself and even turn to bulimia at times. This went on and on over a period of a couple of decades. Finally, the deterioration of my overall health led me to deal with my eating disorder. The best thing I did was to find the right therapist and get a medical marijuana card. The state I live in legalized medical marijuana and eating disorders are on the list of approved conditions. It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be to get a medical marijuana card. and once I had access to the cannabis dispensary, the staff there were super helpful when it came to getting me the cannabis products that would help. It’s sort of ironic that I use cannabis gummies as part of my treatment when it comes to my eating disorder. These cannabis products help me recognize and appreciate a healthy appetite. So I’m learning all over again just how, when and what to eat. But thanks to the local cannabis spot, I’m up to the challenge and have benefited a great deal from medical marijuana.

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