Chronic pain relief comes after cannabis dispensary events

I was literally on my way home from the doctor when I went to my first cannabis dispensary event.

I deal with a chronic pain condition that has left me nearly immobilized. Just for my appointments with the doctors, I had to enlist a friend or a family member to drive me. My chronic pain is centered in my back as well as in my knees, hips and elbows. This was a condition that came on quite rapidly and stunned both me and my doctors. I was always a healthy person and quite athletic so initially, I thought maybe I had just over done it. But that was years ago and I’ve just progressively gotten worse. But all that changed not too long ago on the way home from yet another doctor’s appointment. The friend who was giving me a ride pulled into the local cannabis spot. We have legalized medical marijuana in our state and this cannabis dispensary was providing medical marijuana information at this event. Had I not simply rolled with my friend’s suggestion, I wouldn’t be where I am now. But it took a few more of those cannabis dispensary events for me to get the sort of medical marijuana information I needed. After doing the due diligence on my own, I learned how to get a medical marijuana card. The folks at the local cannabis spot were great and super knowledgeable when it came to the sort of cannabis products that would help me. And the medical marijuana benefits were nearly immediate. I’m now able to drive, walk and take care of myself unaided. And this is only after using cannabis gummies for three months.

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