The new guy smoke cannabis at work

About four years back, marijuana was legalized for recreational as well as medical reasons.

Everyone when a legal as well as valid state ID can purchase marijuana from a dispensary.

Even out of state residents can get marijuana so long as their ID is valid. Since marijuana was legalized, it seems that everyone is smoking marijuana. So many people talk about weed as if it is no sizable deal. I remember when pot was the worst complication in america. Parents used to keep their kids away from pot as well as alcohol as well as there were million dollar ad campaigns to help them. Now it seems love it is no sizable deal for someone to smoke a joint. There are large signs all over the interstate advertising marijuana shops as well as delivery services. There are even a couple of stores that offer drive thru services. I do not even guess they drug test at the job anymore, although I work for a multi million dollar insurance business. The new guy at my job gets high. He goes out to his motorcar every single morning for his breakfast break. Two times I have seen the guy toking up on some reefer in his car. It’s not love I’m going to snitch on the guy as well as say something about the fact that he is smoking in his car, despite the fact that I could guess the boss would be able to smell it just love the rest of us. It’s so discouraging to see other people getting away with rule-breaking. My boss does not seem to guess that it’s a sizable deal or the guy is just completely oblivious to the smell of weed..

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