The toilet actually overflowed in the back room

The back room of the marijuana dispensary is the site where my associate and I fill all of the delivery orders.

All of the products that are located in the front of the store are also located in the back room. They are all fully set up in an easy to find tracking idea so my associate and I can easily fill each one of the delivery orders before heading out to the address. When an order is sited, a ticket is printed on a machine in the back. As soon as the ticket is printed, someone has to fill the order. Once the order is filled, it sits on a shelf. The shelf is also across the room from the employees bathroom and cut room, however last weekend, the toilet overflowed in the employees cut area. The entire bathroom and back room section was flooded with water. There was at least 2 or several inches of water on the floor until the plumbing corporation came to the marijuana dispensary to service the problem. During that time, the delivery drivers had to rely on filling orders from the stock that was in the front of the building. The marijuana dispensary was already stressed and the delivery drivers were trying to make their way around the budtenders to fill orders while they were laboring. It was a complete and total mess. I only made $100 in delivery tips that night, because I had to spend so much time waiting around. At the end of the night, my associate and I had to stop delivery services another minute early too. Thursday did not turn out to be an absolutely wonderful day at all.

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