I wanted my closest friends to have some fun

When my friends and I were in university together, my associate and I had a lot of fun going to parties, bars, and clubs. My buddy and I drink a lot of beer, alcohol, and shots. My buddy and I also consumed a little bit of recreational cannabis, and recreational cannabis was not legal when my friends and I were in university. My buddy and I got our buds from a guy at school, however he lived on the west coast and it was legal to grow. Every time he came back from visiting his family, he had a huge bin of odor-filled buds. That was the only time that I used recreational cannabis products until I moved to a state with legal laws. Most of my friends stayed in an apartment where cannabis still isn’t legal for medical or recreational reasons. Here where I live, there are dispensaries nearby and some of them even offer delivery services. I had a marijuana delivery service bring a couple of items when my friends came for a visit. I really wanted my friends to have some good fun and I thought surprising them with recreational cannabis products would be a good idea. I ordered some edibles, dried marijuana flower, tinctures and cannabis infused beverages. The marijuana delivery service brought the items to me a couple of afternoons before my friends arrived. I had all of the beverages chilled and the flower ready to smoke when my friends arrived. They were also totally surprised and absolutely delighted with the wide assortment of legal cannabis products that I attained before they arrived. The guys instantly wanted to sit down and smoke a bowl of marijuana.

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