The earthquake knocked over my bong

I got a brand new bong from the marijuana dispensary and it was $50.

I splurged on the bong instead of getting a $10 pipe.

I bought the bong last week and I only used it a couple of times. Then I came home on Friday and the bong was broken on the floor. The first thought in my mind was that the cat knocked over my bong. I was upset about the broken glass, but I tried to clean everything up. I decided to go to the smoke shop so I could get a cheap pipe. On my way over to the shop, my mom called. She wanted to know if I was home when the earthquake occurred. I didn’t have any idea what my mom was talking about. Nobody told me there was an earthquake when I left work. My mom told me that there had been a significant earthquake earlier that day and it was only 3 miles away from the apartment complex where I live. I suddenly thought about the bong on the floor and realized that it probably wasn’t the cat at all. The shaking from the earthquake probably caused the bong to fall over on the floor and break. I looked at some of the interesting information about the earthquake when I was waiting in line to visit the marijuana dispensary. There were actually three earthquakes during that time and my mom only felt one of them. The other two were only a 2.8 and 2.9, but they were still pretty close. Any of the three could have easily knocked my new glass bong on the floor and broke it. That makes 23 total earthquakes in less than one week.


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