New School medical cannabis

My young ones like to tease me for being seasoned plus out of touch, even though I don’t let it bother me. They are teens, and old enough to suppose they know best, while young enough to not fully understand that they don’t know much about anything! This is a prickly point of personal philosophy, however in general my young ones plus I get along quite well. I have constantly raised them in a very open plus understanding environment, where they could be comfortable when talking to me about personal troubles. For example, I did not judge them when they confided in me that they had started smoking medical cannabis with their high university friends. Instead of getting angry at them, I brought out my own jar of medical cannabis plus proceeded to roll a joint. They asked them where I had gotten so much weed, plus I said I bought it at the local cannabis dispensary. Since I am a legal adult, I have legal access to medical cannabis, unlike this group of teens. In a few more years they would all have access to medical cannabis just like almost everyone else. They appreciated the joint that I rolled, then brought out some newer kinds of cannabis products which I had never used before. My friend and I did “dabs” of medical cannabis wax, plus ate a couple tasty cannabis gummies. The weirdest part of this experience is that none of the new-university products had the delicious flavor of medical cannabis. Everything tasted of fruit plus sugar, when I appreciate the simple taste of natural cannabis. Now I can tease the young ones about going to the cannabis dispensary while they can’t!

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