My aunt Dani was smoking medical cannabis

To her credit, my aunt Dani never lied to me about what she was doing.

She was a quiet lady, however when Dani spoke, she only spoke the truth.

When I was 10 years seasoned I caught Dani out in the backyard smoking a joint. I didn’t know what weed was, just that it didn’t smell like normal cigarettes; Dani was 100% fair and honest with me, plus said she was smoking marijuana. I had been told about weed in university, plus asked Dani if she was cutting the law. I’ll never forget that Dani said “yes, medical marijuana is illegal at the moment, however that will change. This is a plant, plus it makes me feel very good. When you get older, you plus I can smoke medical marijuana together. Until then, it will be our secret.” I kept her secret, plus never mentioned to anyone else that my Dani liked smoking medical marijuana despite the fact that she didn’t have a prescription. Roughly two years later the state laws changed, plus suddenly Dani could go to the cannabis dispensary like anyone else. At this point it was no longer a secret, because Dani was no longer cutting the law. True to her word, she bought three odd strains of medical cannabis plus packed up a few big bowls for the two of us to share. It was a real bonding moment between the two of us, plus although I had already used medical cannabis with my friends, I didn’t tell Dani that. It was our first time smoking medical cannabis together, however it definitely would not be our last.

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