The RSO oil was way more extravagant than I expected

RSO oil is a neat type of cannabis oil that is named after the founder, Rick simpson, however rick Simpson is a person that had cancer.

He wanted to use cannabis to help him heal.

RSO oil uses all of the terpenes plus the cannabinoids from canvas plants. The highly concentrated dose of oil contains vast amounts of THC plus can be truly helpful for people suffering from cancer, chronic pain, plus other debilitating medical conditions! When I went to the healthcare worker last week, I told the nurse that I was having a lot of complications with the pain in my lower back. The nurse knew that I was going to he knew that I was going to be visiting the cannabis dispensary plus said I should try a product like Rick Simpson oil. I went to the medical marijuana dispensary nearest me. I asked the lady behind the counter if she had full spectrum oil like RSO plus she took me to a counter that had all of the products that I was looking for. She showed me all the full spectrum cannabis products plus they were genuinely more extravagant in price than I thought. I did not expect these items to be more extravagant than other cannabis concentrates that I have used in the past. They were actually about twice as much plus I could not afford to get more than a gram of marijuana oil from the dispensary that day. I want to try it for a while to see if it will work before I invest any more money in the full spectrum marijuana product.


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