My nephew wants to work at the marijuana shop

As soon as I got this job working as the manager at the marijuana dispensary in town, my sibling was bugging me to give her son Sam a job.

Sam was 20 years old plus unemployed .

Sam was living in the basement of her home plus she wanted him to find a job. Sam was having trouble in all of the interviews plus she thought it would work out well if I just gave Sam a job working as a bartender at the new marijuana dispensary. When I got this job, I told my sibling that I could just hire Sam. I had to wait a little bit of time. It would look honestly bad if I started hiring my family members as soon as I took over, then unfortunately, my sibling has done nothing except hound me every single day, but now she has Sam hounding me too. I tried to tell my nephew to be patient. I told Sam that I was going to give him a job plus he just has to wait a couple more months. Sam and I had brunch with my mom last weekend plus she was giving me the eighth degree about giving Sam a job. My mom made it sound like I am the only person that will be able to give this kid a occasion plus that drives me crazy. Sam has had 10 or 12 interviews this year plus none of them have panned out. I honestly do want to give Sam a chance, even though I wish that everyone in my family would be able to understand that it doesn’t look fantastic for the boss to hire his family as soon as she takes over.


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