Getting a job at the coolest marijuana shop

I’m honestly happy right now.

I actually got a job at the local marijuana shop.

I’ve been applying for a job at this particular marijuana shop for the last year. In fact, I have filled out three weird applications plus sent the dispensary manager two separate resumes. My old resume needed to be upgraded so I sent a more modern resume last week. When I sent the resume, I immediately got a call from Steve, the manager of the marijuana store. Steve asked if I was willing to work part time. I honestly wanted to land a full-time position, even though I was willing to do whatever I could to get my foot in the door. When Steve mentioned a part-time position, I decided to go to the interview. I honestly liked Steve plus the two of us got along truly well. My new pal Steve and I joked about a couple of things that did not have anything to do with the store plus I could tell that Steve and I would be fantastic friends if I got a job working at the marijuana shop. Steve hired me at the end of the interview. She told me that the modern position was part-time, but that she was hoping that the person would eventually become a full-time employee. After the modern year, Steve was sure that she could give me full-time hours, however right now the best that she could do was 25 hours a week. I end up working four mornings in the night at the marijuana shop. I kept my job at the local shirt factory, just in case the full time position doesn’t work out after the holidays.

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