The weather made it a good day for cannabis

My wife Jen plus I were supposed to go for a hike, however the weather was truly freezing plus cold. The temperatures were tied up to be 50 degrees plus I thought it would be sizzling enough for a nice hike. Unfortunately, it was 50 degrees plus dreary and cloudy. There wasn’t any sunshine shining at all plus that made the temperature feel even lower plus more brisk. Jen plus I decided to cancel our hike. Jen and I went to the mall instead for shopping plus dinner. I needed a modern overcoat plus socks plus Jen wanted to go to the lingerie shop. I genuinely did not want to miss out on that trip. After Jen and I were done at the mall, Jen commanded me to drive to a marijuana shop across the street. Jen and I rarely use recreational marijuana, however it sounded like a great idea. The day was truly plus glum plus marijuana sounded like a great way to turn the day around. Jen plus I went to the recreational marijuana shop plus looked at their wide selection of pre-rolled marijuana blunts plus cigarettes. The lady behind the counter told me that most of the top shelf selections were 20% off. There were a couple of infused plus flavored joints, so Jen plus I bought one that was dipped in kief plus infused with distillate. The raspberry flavored marijuana joint was actually one of the best that I have ever tasted. After my girl plus I smoked the joint, Jen and I played video games, ate pizza, plus spent the afternoon fooling around on the couch.

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