The scanner machine kept making a weird beep

On the day that the new software was installed at the cannabis dispensary, there was a huge problem with the inventory.

Half of the items that were supposed to be entered into the software were not appearing on the screen.

I tried looking for the cherry flavored edibles, cartridges and flower and I couldn’t find any of those items at all. I tried to enter lots of different prices and about 50% of the Cannabis products were actually found in the software. I knew there was a problem right away and I needed to do something about it quickly. I got that problem solved and fixed and now the scary machine keeps making a weird beep. When I enter an item into the system and use this hand tool to scan the barcode, the scary machine makes a weird beat. The software wasn’t doing anything like this in the past, but now the weird beep is making me very anxious. I tried to speak with the software company about the marijuana dispensary problems, but they told me that the scanner machine’s beeping sound is probably a glitch from the hardware and likely has nothing at all to do with the software. They recommended I contact an IT expert to work on the scanning tool. The guy was no help at all when I really needed someone and it turned out that it was a software glitch. The new beeping was a coding error that was easily fixed after the guys admitted their mistake and they accepted responsibility for the error.


Human Resource Business Partner for dispensary