I was completely lucky to have the healthcare worker prescribe me cannabis

Many people don’t have healthcare workers who are knowledgeable about medical marijuana in the slightest.

Either they totally believe in the chemical drugs they supply their patients, or they don’t know about marijuana very much.

If they were to do their research, I assume more healthcare workers would prescribe medical marijuana. I found that multiple hospitals that healthcare workers labor for, won’t supply their healthcare workers the ability to prescribe medical marijuana. I was sincerely lucky to have the healthcare worker I went to, prescribe medical marijuana. He was a good friend with the hospital, although he wasn’t a hospital healthcare worker. He was a pain specialist who didn’t fully believe all pains required surgery or injections. He told me he was positive I would benefit from the use of marijuana. Medical marijuana could help reduce the inflammation that is causing the harsh pain, plus help relieve the pain while the inflammation is going away. It works in multiple ways and it can make you feel more relaxed while other chemical properties will relieve pain and/or swelling. Marijuana plants have natural chemical properties labor with the brain to treat the complication without causing more complications. CBD has the same chemical properties of THC, but there are no psychotropes involved. With the proper amounts of CBD plus THC, the brain’s natural chemicals labor with the natural chemicals of medical marijuana to help the body tell itself how to handle the harsh problems that may be happening in the body. Once the healthcare worker explained this to me, I was gleeful to see what medical marijuana could do for my situation. I didn’t want to take some drugs that were made in a laboratory, when I could have medical marijuana.

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Isn’t medical marijuana a completely natural plant product that is totally safe to use?

I was listening to television the other day plus there were 2 healthcare workers debating the use of medical marijuana.

One healthcare worker was talking about all the benefits of official marijuana use.

He said the only downside was when people used it only for recreational use. There can be an over-indulgence, plus you had to guess your limitations. The other healthcare worker started yelling it was just a legal drug. Well, wasn’t alcohol a legal drug? The healthcare worker prescribed painkillers after I had my vehicle accident, then for 6 months I was on these painkillers, plus I spent the next 6 months being weaned off them which wasn’t a fun experience. I had become dependent on the painkiller. It was a legal drug that did the same thing as the drugs you chose to get off the street. What I didn’t understand was that the healthcare worker thought it was okay to supply you medicine that was made in a laboratory, although he didn’t want people to use medicine that was a natural plant product. The healthcare worker who was for medical marijuana chuckled to some degree. He told the other healthcare worker that he had heard he was telling people that vegetarian plus vegan lifestyles were healthy ways of living. He said that since he thought everything plant-based was considerably healthier, then he should also be pushing medical marijuana instead of chemical based medicine. The healthcare worker who was against medical marijuana became flustered plus could not speak very much. He could not defend himself or find the words to deny what the healthcare worker for medical marijuana had just said. He walked off the period plus didn’t come back.


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It embarrassed me a good amount to admit I used medical marijuana

I thought the aches plus pains were because of the job I did all the time, plus taking care of numerous babies plus a property

When the healthcare worker chose to ask if I used medical marijuana, I was embarrassed to admit that I did. When he first asked, I wasn’t actually sure what he was getting at. He made me feel sort of like I was doing something wrong altogether. I asked him if it mattered that I was using medical marijuana? He told me he needed to update my medical files, plus he needed to know the medicine I was taking. I told him I had been using medical marijuana for numerous years. He asked if I was using legal marijuana, plus I told him that was for certain. When he asked who the healthcare worker was that prescribed medical marijuana, I refused to tell him about that. I knew who the healthcare worker was, plus he was sanctioned by our state, however I didn’t assume it was my healthcare worker’s business. He told me he had to fully understand why I was using medical marijuana plus if it helped. I still had the impression that he was being nosey, however I told him it was for my rheumatoid arthritis. Before I started using medical marijuana, my rheumatologist told me I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was forty. I didn’t even realize that I had arthritis until he said that. I thought the aches plus pains were because of the job I did all the time, plus taking care of numerous babies plus a property. With the help of medical marijuana, I could keep moving, the pain was bearable, plus I was in a better mind frame to be honest. I was definitely the only patient he had that used medical marijuana.


The medical professional said medical cannabis is a perfectly natural product that is safe

I was talking to a medical professional the other day plus I admitted that I often used CBD cream for my terrible arthritis pain.

She smiled plus then looked up. She told me she could not fully understand the way the minds of politicians worked… Cannabis is a product of nature, plus has much less side effects than any person made drug that is available, including aspirin. Millions of people regularly experience depression, arthritis, plus other medical conditions that can be helped a great deal with the use of medical cannabis, but there is too much of a stigma that happens to be placed on marijuana use. Some of that stigma is because medical professionals are afraid to tell patients about medical marijuana. They won’t get the kickbacks that medical professionals get from selling pharmaceutical drugs. They can’t make quite as much money when people are medicating with natural substances. She told me she was thinking that most addictions were from people who had no other recourse than to self medicate because they could not afford sizable pharma prices. As extravagant as medical marijuana happened to be, it was still cheaper plus much safer to use, than if you used chemical filled pharmaceutical drugs. I smiled as I listened to her speak about this, plus then she apologized. She said she didn’t fully understand my take on it, but since I used CBD plus it seemed to help, she was proud of me. After explaining I was hesitant to tell anyone about my marijuana use, she told me I shouldn’t be.. It was pretty much a solid part of the holistic health movement, plus she was behind it. I am no longer going to hesitate when explaining to people I use medical marijuana.

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Medical cannabis can be completely beneficial for all sorts of good people

He had never absolutely served in Desert Storm, although he was in the Marines at that time.

I always used to think that people used the medical marijuana card just to get marijuana in a legal fashion. I guess it isn’t the case for all people, however I am sure multiple people actually think that way. They can legally go into a pot shop plus purchase all the marijuana products they want as often as they wish. It may be more extravagant than purchasing street marijuana, but medical marijuana is actually legal these days. You pay a healthcare expert to approve you for marijuana plus pay the state for your medical marijuana ID card. It’s essentially like getting a license to use marijuana. My sibling was a single of those people who used medical marijuana because it was legal to purchase plus it was completely better to be completely honest. He told me there are multiple ways for people to get the medical marijuana ID card, because it is beneficial for multiple unusual ailments. All he had to do was tell people he had PTSD plus the healthcare expert practically forced the medical marijuana ID on him. He told him he had a fairly difficult time sleeping ever since he was in Desert Storm. He had never absolutely served in Desert Storm, although he was in the Marines at that time. I wished it was much more difficult for people to get medical marijuana, but until they can disprove people don’t need it, the state will continue to sell it to anyone who can afford the medical marijuana ID card. During the past month, I heard a single lady on the news who said her sibling was getting medical marijuana to help with her brutal addictions. She had cancer plus was suffering tremendously because of the chemo, but she could not get medical marijuana. I felt especially sorry for the lady.

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It wasn’t easy to sleep before medical marijuana was available

The healthcare worker told him he can say it is medical marijuana, although he must show the package he gets from the pharmacy, so the physician can easily see the label! So far, I no longer wake up from bruises plus my hubby is sleeping great

Before my hubby discovered medical marijuana, I didn’t sleep well very at all. He would kick so hard that my shins were sore on a regular basis. The healthcare worker told him he had restless leg syndrome, plus he recommended unusual muscle relaxers for him. He has a job sensitive position which means he can’t use marijuana or alcoholic products for up to 2 weeks before heading onto a job. He was a 9-5, 8 whole hours per day mechanic for an airport. He could not use those products. He was questioning his healthcare worker if he could use straight CBD plus still perform his job without getting fired for the use of medical marijuana. The healthcare worker was not especially certain until he was working hard to read all the laws that pertained to medical marijuana. He could not use THC, although he could use CBD. He could not use Delta 8 or Delta 9, because it had a particular amount of THC in it, but it wasn’t stated. With simple CBD, which he could purchase in any pharmacy, he would be okay. Whenever my hubby goes to the healthcare worker for his checkups now, he tells them he uses CBD that he gets from the pharmacy. The healthcare worker told him he can say it is medical marijuana, although he must show the package he gets from the pharmacy, so the physician can easily see the label! So far, I no longer wake up from bruises plus my hubby is sleeping great. Last month he got notice that he had to report to a new healthcare worker. Once again, he is concerned over what will happen to his job when he tells them he takes medical marijuana plus if they’ll tell him it doesn’t matter if it is just CBD. It is still marijuana all the same.

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Our local medical pot shop has been bought out once again

Our local medical pot shop had only been open for a couple of years, and over those numerous years, they had changed ownership plus name on quite a few occasions.

This month, my buddy and I received notification that the medical pot shop would soon be under new ownership plus the brands would once again change all over again.

Every time the marijuana dispensary was under new ownership, I had to find another dealer who carried the marijuana products I really enjoyed immensely plus that helped with my problems with depression. I didn’t want to get high. I wanted to easily feel better, but it was becoming more challenging as time went on. With this new change in ownership, the pot shop was getting rid of multiple of their medical marijuana CBD products, which is my main marijuana product. My hubby asked if I had the wish to stay with the same marijuana dispensary, or if my buddy and I should start looking around for another dealer for our medical marijuana CBD products. The ultimate problem I had was that other marijuana dispensaries were charging way higher prices. He reminded me that it didn’t matter how extravagant it was if my buddy and I could not get it. I had to agree, however I was completely hesitant. When I realized the budtenders were also being replaced, I told him it was time to find a new marijuana dispensary for our medical marijuana needs! Lucky for me, everytime our medical marijuana products were on sale, my hubby would buy an extra amount of cannabis. I had plenty of marijuana products in our safe that I could go months without needing to go into a pot shop, plus I felt comfortable with that knowledge.

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He chose to order some CBD but got high THC medical cannabis instead

My hubby called the pot shop plus told them they had made a major mistake

I genuinely wasn’t sure if I had a lawsuit against the pot shop, however I was truly angry… I never used high THC products, plus I didn’t really have the desire to start, however the closest I came to using THC was when I chose to invest in a 15:1 CBD/THC marijuana product. The product had fifteen times more CBD than THC. I still had a small high from the product whenever I used it, however I only used it at night. I picked up my 15:1 cannabis product plus took it back to my place. I didn’t assume to look at the label, because it was in the same red packet that I always received my medical marijuana in. I took it home plus used it the same as I always do, however 20 minutes after using the product, I was hallucinating a good amount. My hubby was distraught because I was screaming in fear. I swore I saw people jumping around on the porch, plus I was afraid to go near the living room door. He told me everything was nice until I started laughing uncontrollably. He asked what I used plus I showed him the product that I had. Although it was the same brand marijuana product, it was not a 15:1 ration, but a 1:1 ration, plus I was tripping for certain. My hubby called the pot shop plus told them they had made a major mistake. The budtender was laughing a lot plus told him he hoped I was enjoying the trip. The next day, my hubby told me that if I hadn’t been having such an awful time of it, he would have gone to the village plus popped that guy in the nose.



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With cannabis the old ways are still the best

I’m all for new innovations and technology.

I know I’m an old man, but I don’t go around wishing for things to be “the way they used to be.” I love the convenience of modern life! That said, there are some things that nature got right the first time and simply can’t be improved upon.

Every time I visit the cannabis dispensary I see some bold new product that I don’t understand. I feel that grinding up some cannabis and smoking it in a bowl or a joint is the best possible way to enjoy the plant. The other day I was hanging out with my old pal Jimmy, and we were smoking some cannabis when his son came home. The kid wanted to show us his new vape rig, and loaded it up with cannabis oil. I don’t mean to sound ingrateful, but it didn’t even taste like marijuana it was flavored like sweet plantains. Who wants to smoke a bowl of plantains? After that he showed us another one of his cannabis toys, involving a blowtorch and a blob of cannabis wax. That also tasted too sweet for me, although I must admit the cannabis wax gave me a killer high immediately after smoking it. Overall it was neat to try new forms of cannabis with Jimmy and his son, but it made me appreciate classic buds all the more. As I said before, grinding up some cannabis for a bowl or a joint is the best possible way to enjoy the plant. What’s your favorite way to smoke cannabis?


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The old manager didn’t take cannabis seriously

I called a staff meeting for all the cannabis dispensary employees to explain our new philosophy

The old manager of the cannabis dispensary was named Dale, and he was a miserable old cuss. Dale used to manage a pharmacy, and to him running the dispensary was a demotion. Dale was bitter, he didn’t approve of recreational cannabis use, so he was also judgmental about his customers. It’s no surprise that his store sales plummeted, because nobody felt comfortable shopping with him. Finally Dale was let go and they brought in a new cannabis dispensary manager – it’s me! I got the job! All those months working for Dale paid off, because I know I can take this cannabis dispensary in exciting new directions. Dale didn’t take cannabis seriously, but I do. I take our customers seriously, and I know that this cannabis shop can be the best in town. Unlike Dale, I understand that cannabis is medicinal, and can help people improve their lives in many different ways. I called a staff meeting for all the cannabis dispensary employees to explain our new philosophy. I didn’t want the cannabis shop to be driven by sales, I wanted my budtenders to take time with every customer. I want to be the type of cannabis dispensary that builds relationships with the clientele to start building brand loyalty. There are other cannabis dispensaries in town and I want to set mine apart from the rest with great customer service! With my team on the same page as me, I think we can change the image of our cannabis dispensary and make people forget all about what we call “the Dale Days.”

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