Look who I saw

The local cannabis dispensary is less than ten minutes away from my school. I walk by it every day on my way to and from home. I thought it was funny when I saw some of my buddies from‌ the local school going in and out of the marijuana dispensary, but one day I saw someone coming out that I would’ve never thought. I didn’t know if I wanted to yell at her, or hide from her, when I saw my friend Liz was coming out of the marijuana dispensary. I didn’t have to do anything. The thought of hiding no sooner went through my head, then my friend observed me. She yelled to me, looked both ways, then came running across the street. A part of me wanted to ask Liz why she was in the marijuana dispensary. Another area of me wanted to ignore that she was coming out of the marijuana dispensary, and hoped that I hadn’t seen what I saw! Liz held up her basket and laughed. All she could do was shrug and say nothing. She winked and told me she just got new oils for her sleep issues. I let it go at that, and neither one of us ever said another word about my seeing Liz as she was coming out of the marijuana dispensary. After that, I knew I had to find a new way of getting back and forth from school. Even though I knew Liz was going into that marijuana dispensary, I wasn’t ready to see it for myself, and I think she felt the same.

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New legalization

When I picked up the paper last week, it surprised me to find out that they passed a law to legalize recreational marijuana.

I was pretty high ‌in the local government, but I had heard no news coming down the pipe that they were seriously considering legalizing recreational marijuana in the upper echelon of the state government.

I’m not against legal recreational marijuana, but I didn’t think they had enough rules and regulations to legalize it yet, since I wasn’t a part of that decision, I knew it would be best if I kept my mouth shut. When I heard a rumor that one of our local people was planning on growing marijuana now that it was legal, I stepped in. I wanted to make sure these people followed all the rules and regulations that went with growing either personal marijuana for use, or marijuana for sale. I talked to people who were above me In the government and wanted to get as much information from him about cannabis dispensaries and their laws and regulations. He sent me a bin full of information. I had enough information about cannabis dispensaries and the legalities of recreational marijuana that I would have studying material for the next year. I can only hope that there is enough security at the marijuana stores, that it eliminates my fear of having young boys getting the marijuana in their hands. I didn’t have these fears when they had legal, medical marijuana dispensaries. I think it is just the difference between the legal, medical marijuana dispensary and it being a legal recreational marijuana dispensary.



They moved right near me

I felt like a child in the toy shop knowing that I was going to have a cannabis dispensary right across the street from where I lived.

When I heard they were putting a cannabis dispensary into our town, I was excited to find out how close it would be to where I lived. The owner of the new cannabis dispensary was advertising the upcoming grand opening and spreading news that they would offer the store to door delivery. Even with all the other news about the incoming cannabis store, no one knew exactly what was going to be built. A week later, it surprised me when I saw workers removing the glass from the abandoned storefront across the street from where I lived. Once the glass was taken out, they started chopping the entire storefront apart. In its arena, they had a decent storefront with a door. They replaced the regular glass with thicker glass that you couldn’t see through. That day, a sign went up to the window that announced the cannabis dispensary would come soon.This truly excited me. I felt like a child in the toy shop knowing that I was going to have a cannabis dispensary right across the street from where I lived. No longer would I have to travel all the way to the other side of the city to chance up my cannabis delivery. I didn’t even have to worry about someone delivering my cannabis order! With the cannabis dispensary right across the street, all I had to do was wake up, walk in, and be back home within 15 minutes. No one could have been more excited about the location of the new cannabis dispensary, except maybe my roommate. He had tears of delight running down his cheeks.


Not everyone can make a website

I had been searching for a good website design dealer for quite awhile.

My cannabis dispensary website needed some help.

I asked one of our budtenders to get a website up for us and that wasn’t smart. A guy who is handy on a computer isn’t necessarily a good web builder. The website was a single page with easily little writing, fuzzy pictures and no iphone number for our store. To make a long story short, I had a really bad cannabis website. I started hunting for who could do the web design. I didn’t want to use any of the online platforms where you make your own website. The way I see it, I wouldn’t watch a youtube video of plumbing maintenance and then do it myself. I wouldn’t study a book on how to build a house and then do it on our own. Why should I make our own website? There are experts in this field. After seeing what happens when someone does it for free, I was willing to pay quite a bit. I found a website design dealer through a friend. He used the SEO side of that company to help his bakery get more traffic. I wanted to start with just a great website. The builder I worked with was great. He got me multiple pages of content, the iphone number clearly featured and all up-to-date pictures up. The website started out looking cheap and tacky. Now it looks professional, high end and snazzy. I feel way better about it now.

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Need to share our story

I worked with a cannabis digital SEO dealer and they were just neat

My marijuana dispensary is pretty identifiable. I work with my brother who is a local grower. He grows all the cannabis products and I sell them. My sibling has a cannabis cafe across the street that also sources from the products… Everyone in our family is involved in the cannabis business. We have clean cannabis and offer identifiable cannabis products. I don’t just offer the starnadrd Orange Kush, OG and Blue Dream. I actually have strains of cannabis that are easily high THC and some that are pure CBD amounts. That is because our sibling grows to what I identifiable ly want. I also have a ton of edibles in the form of baked goods and cooking products love butters and oils. I even have a big line of cannabis infused acne products and bath items. Business is good with the locals, however tourists tend to miss us; People are consistently wowed when they realize every one of us are multiple siblings. I wanted to get our story out there and obtain more business. I achieved this through dispensary digital SEO solutions. I needed a website that told our and our siblings’ story. I needed SEO services to rank that website. I needed social media platforms as well. I worked with a cannabis digital SEO dealer and they were just neat. They got everything up and lived within a few weeks, however now our siblings and I can hardly handle all the company coming our way. We are a big tourist draw in our area.

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The dispensary needs a security guard

My boss Bob has been searching for a current security guard to task inside of the store.

  • Bob had an ad online for weeks.

Nobody wanted the position after the last security guard was shot twice while a robbery was attempted. The burglar came to the dispensary moments before all of us were closing for the evening. The heroic security guard was walking around the front of the building checking for cars plus people in the rear parking lot. That is when the burglar struck the security guard. The burglar shot him twice in the face plus he went down abruptly. The burglar thought that the security guard must have been done for. He left him in the parking lot plus went into the building to rob the marijuana dispensary. The girl who was working at the counter heard the disturbance outside. Kim saw the many men coming in the front door plus instantly hit the silent alarm. Kim then did everything that the burglar asked her to do. That is something that all of us have been told repeatedly by the owners of the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. Both of us do not have to be a hero. The company is insured, so let the thief take whatever they want, then don’t argue or struggle plus do not say no to any adequate request. The burglar was still filling his pockets with money when the police showed up. The whole incident was in the newspaper. I am sure that is 1 of the big reasons why the dispensary employer had such a difficult time finding someone to update the late shift security guard at the marijuana dispensary.

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The BOGO sale on cannabis was for 1 product

Unfortunately, the budtender at the counter told me that they were only allowed to give away 1 product for free with each purchase.

Marijuana dispensaries have great sales often so they can attract current purchasers plus patients. There are a healthy number of local marijuana dispensaries. Only a couple of the places have sales every single day of the week. One place has B1G1 sales every day of the weekend. Another marijuana dispensary offers a live demonstration in their building every single day of the weekend. My friend Jay plus I went to the marijuana dispensary a few weeks ago plus there was a rep in the lobby performing a live demonstration. The person was from a cannabis concentrate supply company. The rep was giving away 1 free gram of cannabis concentrate with the purchase of any product from the very same manufacturing supplier. I was pretty happy when I realized that the demonstration was going on, because I was already planning to buy a product from the same supplier, but Jay started to get some marijuana concentrate after he found out about the sale. When I bought many grams of live resin concentrate, I expected to get 2 grams of their current product for free. Unfortunately, the budtender at the counter told me that they were only allowed to give away 1 product for free with each purchase. Both Jay plus I were disappointed when all of us found out about the rules. Both of us were both wanting to buy a couple of extra grams of marijuana concentrate just so all of us could get more items for free. We left the weed shop feeling pretty deflated plus disappointed. They really should have told us up front about the policy of only 1 per person.



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The convenience of pre-rolled joints

I’ve always enjoyed smoking weed, cannabis flowers in particular.

While there are all kinds of cool consumption methods available at the dispensary that are far more discreet in addition to easy, there is nothing that compares to the experience of puffing a joint. The problem with smoking the flower is the labor it takes to create the perfect joint or blunt. There is quite a bit of gear required, including a tray, papers, a lighter in addition to an ashtray. It causes a heck of a mess, with smoke, ash in addition to stinks. I’m also not all that wonderful at creating the perfect cannabis joint. I tend to either pack the paper too full or not provide enough power. I can’t seem to manage a slender roll in addition to struggle with twisting the ends. Then I get disappointed with a very inconsistent burn. The joint either burns up one side way too fast or I get this giant ash at the end. I’ve figured out that my best option is to purchase pre-rolls at the dispensary. I can buy them in affordable singles to actually try more current strains or choose packs of my number ones. There are options that are infused with kief dust for extra potency. There are all sorts of indicas, sativas in addition to hybrids in everything from higher THC to higher CBD potency. The terpenes vary from earthy to citrus, in addition to I like that the effects come on quickly. When I purchase pre-rolls, they are always perfectly made. I can feel that they are filled with wonderful quality bud without seeds or stems. Instead of wasting my time in addition to becoming frustrated with trying to roll a nice joint, I can sit back in addition to dig the experience.
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I Use a cannabis topical to treat leg cramps

When I think the beginning of cramping in my leg muscles, I rub cannabis-infused ointment into my skin

I am heavily focused on my health in addition to physical fitness. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 15 years in addition to staying away from fast foods, processed foods in addition to an abundance of sugar. I keep my alcohol intake low, in addition to I avoid all forms of nicotine. I workout every single afternoon for approximately an hour and a half. My exercise sessions are severe and intense in addition to involve a good deal of high impact aerobics. I run, bike, jump rope in addition to do sets of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, lunges, burpees, in addition to squats. I make sure to thoroughly hot up my joints in addition to my muscles before beginning. I include thorough stretching in addition to a cool-down in addition to I drink lots of water. I still have some trouble with leg cramps. They tend to bother me late at night, when I’m trying to sleep. Normally in my calf muscles in addition to occasionally in my upper thighs, the muscles seize up in addition to become very painful. I am too conscientious about my health to try synthetic drugs. The laundry list of side-effects is always worse than the initial problem. I alway opt for a natural remedy. Cannabis offers a charming array of curative properties. I am quite fortunate that I have access to legal recreational marijuana at several local dispensaries. I don’t buy these products for their psychoactive effects. I most often choose the topicals that cause no high sensation whatsoever. When I think the beginning of cramping in my leg muscles, I rub cannabis-infused ointment into my skin. I use a topical with a single-to-one ratio of THC & CBD oil for the sake of analgesic results in addition to anti-inflammatory benefits. The effects set in quite quickly in addition to offering me sustained relief.


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Cannabis deliveries are the best

I remember When recreational cannabis was first legalized in my local state, andI visited every dispensary a couple of times.

I sampled some of the edibles, bought a few tinctures in addition to trying out a pre-rolled joint.

I strictly made purchases for recreational enjoyment. All of that changed when I was in a huge car accident, then after a lengthy stay in the hospital in addition to expensive physical therapy, I experienced an intense kind of pain. I was unable to get back to my respected life. I struggled to go up in addition to down the steps, sleep or even sit up for very long. I believed that cannabis could help me. I’d learn about the curative properties of the plant. The cannabinoids found in the plants interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid idea of the body to encourage homeostasis. My most pressing problem was trying to get over to the dispensary. When I looked up their website, I discovered that the dispensary offers free delivery in my local area. I am able to shop online. I can look at pictures in addition to see the descriptions of the products. I can search by consumption methods, brands, strains, blends, prices, weights in addition to potency of THC in addition to CBD. It’s severely easy to add new products to my cart in addition to checkout. All of my payment information is saved in addition to as long as I spend the minimum amount, delivery is totally free. The dispensary prepares the packages, texts me an ETA (estimated time of arrival) in addition to a driver shows up at my door. I’ve found cannabis invaluable to my healing process. While pharmaceuticals left me feeling weary in addition to nauseous, this natural remedy helps my symptoms without side-effects.


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