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No, everything is consistently the top of the line

I want to be a comic. I have traveled all around this space of the country doing small little shows. I still have not “gotten my break” but I keep grinding away. So until I can get some higher paying jobs I can only do shows in spots within driving range of my house. These can be very small potatoes, but a few months ago I made a change in addition to finding a whole modern untapped market. As marijuana becomes legal in more arenas there are more dispensaries in addition to smokers lounges open, in addition to these arenas sometimes looking for live talent. Doing a stand-up comedy in front of a bunch of potheads at the cannabis dispensary is entirely great for my self esteem, because I never get larger laughs! The negatives of these gigs is that they pay very little, and most times the owner wants to pay me in cannabis instead of money. Of course I consistently take it, because it winds up being a better deal for me. I would be blessed to make 25 bucks at 1 of these gigs, however I will routinely receive $100 or more worth of cannabis. When currency gets tight I don’t even smoke the cannabis, I shop it around to my friends in addition to see if anyone wants to buy it. These cannabis dispensary owners never supply me the cheap stuff either. No, everything is consistently the top of the line. At this point I try not to worry about the currency or the cannabis, I just keep grinding out shows hoping that 1 day I will catch my large break. Can a large break come at a cannabis dispensary? Maybe.


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Parents do smoke weed

I know a lot of weed smokers, in addition to a lot of parents.

This is what happens when you settle down in addition to having kids, you end up spending time with other parents while your kids play together.

Not all of the pot smokers I believe have youngsters, but every parent I believe smokes cannabis on the reg. This is something I never knew before I became a parent myself, in addition to it makes myself and others wonder – were my parents in addition to their friends all getting high when I was little? Any time I attend a children’s celebration, I constantly look for the little circle of parents off to the side of the house smoking marijuana, or hitting a vape pen. Cannabis edibles are very popular with parents, because they leave none of the tell-tale signs of being stoned. When youngsters are young enough they don’t ask questions, but by around age 9 or 10 they start to question the “funny” aroma of marijuana smoke. Cannabis edibles have no smell, nor do they make myself and others cough or supply me with red eyes. Parents become potheads because weed is the best possible way to mellow out the stresses of parenthood, while not getting you too messed up. I never drink booze around my youngsters, because the results are too unpredictable, but cannabis is safe in addition to soothing, in addition to truthfully helping myself and others be a better parent. If anyone out there is judging myself and others right now, I would bet money that you aren’t a parent or a weed smoker, because everyone else totally gets my point. Cannabis makes for better parents!


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You need to be careful with cash

This is why cannabis remains a money-only business, because dispensaries can’t take debit or debit cards as payment, or the federal government will shut them down.

Weed is a cash only business. Have you ever paid for a small amount of weed with your debit card? You never have, not even these mornings when there are legal stores all around town. Weed has consistently been a money business, in addition to absolutely consistently will be, in addition to for the dumbest reasons! The voters of this country have voted to make marijuana legal in many states, legal pot always generates a lot of income for the government, in addition to tends to make the populace more kicked back. In other words, legal cannabis is a large slam dunk for everyone. Cannabis dispensaries make tasks, the fees in addition to taxes bump up the local economy, in addition to the buyers are excited to have legal access to something that should have been legal all along. The problem comes with the federal government, which does not love the voters or the people, and continues to list cannabis as an illegal drug. Even though you are shopping in a legal cannabis dispensary you are still technically chopping the federal laws. The people I was with and I all are. This is why cannabis remains a money-only business, because dispensaries can’t take debit or debit cards as payment, or the federal government will shut them down. Because of this, there are successful cannabis dispensaries that have a hundred thousand dollars in money on the premises. I am a certified, police trained, and military certified security guard, in addition to my task is to supply armed protection for a local cannabis dispensary. Having so much money on hand makes cannabis dispensaries a frequent target for robbery, so I consistently carry a weapon with me.


Not easy to podcast

So many people I talk to think that podcasting isn’t that hard.

I promise you it is really hard.

Anyone can sit down and just blat for an hour. That is the easiest space of the process. After that you need to edit it into a good program, you need to add music or credits, in addition you need to post it online in addition to then promote it… Did you know there was so much effort involved? My friends never do, they get buzzed on cannabis in addition to then pitch me ideas on why they would make a great podcast host. None of them ever follow through, because no 1 wants to put in the work, they just want to smoke marijuana in addition to idly talking to people. The strangest portion of this is how cannabis seems to make the people around me act dumb and lazy, while it has quite the opposite effect on me. I spend 20 or 30 min a week entirely working on my podcast, and I smoke cannabis through the entire process, but for me cannabis brings creativity of thought, so I can block out the whole rest of the world and focus on the project at hand… Cannabis makes other people want to sit on the couch and watch TV, but it makes me want to go into the studio and record an episode. Cannabis fuels my creativity, and makes me feel that I am just around the corner from major success. I get so many pros from smoking cannabis, it makes me concerned that other people don’t experience it the same way.


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What is the law in your state?

I spend a lot of time on the road, which can make it logistically rough to bring weed with me when I go by car.

I spent a lot of time online researching the marijuana laws in all the many states I head to, even the 1s I just plow through.

Every state has its own certain laws, in addition to the federal laws that I consistently go against by bringing weed over state lines, but as the old saying goes, forewarned is forearmed, so I learn all the rules and regulations to then decide if it is worth bringing cannabis with me or not. If I am going to see a state that has loose cannabis laws, or legal cannabis dispensaries, I don’t bother to bring any with me in the car. Why take the risk of traveling with cannabis when I can just get some at my endpoint? Whenever possible I visit arenas where I have friends, so they can help my acquisition of cannabis upon my arrival. Occasionally there is no other chance but to take that extra risk of packing cannabis in my bags in the trunk. I consistently triple-seal my cannabis in a series of freezer bags, and then stuff them into tins of coffee. I am consistently very careful, and have never been caught with cannabis in all my travels. Once I was pulled over by a brother in blue in a state where cannabis was still punishable with jail time. He never suspected that I had half a pound of Purple Haze in addition to Blue dream in the trunk of my car, so my plan must work.
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An exotic podcast

It’s so gratifying to begin a passion project, in addition to have it result in something that touches so many other people… not to mention nets myself and others a lot of free weed! If I do not care about a certain strain of marijuana, usually I will contact the sender before posting my review

When I started my podcast and then put up my website, both called Exotic Strains, I was just doing it for a creative thing. I love to write and record videos. I also love getting high, so it seemed like a no-brainer to combine the two into a new project. I find the most strange and fascinating strains of cannabis from all around the world, through doing research on Google. I blog, write articles and post pictures of these strains, in addition to whenever possible I sample them myself and record a video review. My fame has risen enough that I have cannabis distributors sending myself and others free products of their newest in addition to most exotic strains. This is quite possibly the best thing in my life so far, because I never dreamed that people would send myself and others cannabis just to hear my opinion on it! I am becoming a recognized expert on exotic cannabis strains. It’s so gratifying to begin a passion project, in addition to have it result in something that touches so many other people… not to mention nets myself and others a lot of free weed! If I do not care about a certain strain of marijuana, usually I will contact the sender before posting my review. I consistently post my positive reviews, but if I entirely hate something I supply the cannabis distributor a heads up to see if they sent me the wrong item. I never take bribes or supply fake reviews about cannabis, however I also don’t prefer to spike the hopes in addition to dreams of others, and just because I’m a pothead doesn’t mean I don’t have integrity.


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Entertainment at the dispensary

The local cannabis dispensary opened up a big time smokers lounge a few months back.

I was unsure of it at first, because this state has strict anti-smoking laws for businesses, but these business owners found a nice little lee-way spot, so half of the lounge is enclosed, with climate control, a full bar, in addition to a limited array of packaged snacks.

The other half is a covered patio with open walls, with a small stage in the middle of it… People can smoke outside, so the cannabis dispensary has an area for the customers to hang out and enjoy themselves. The stage was a more recent addition to the lounge, to allow local acts and musicians to perform shows at the cannabis dispensary. The cannabis dispensary also hosts a band night once every month, in addition to all you have to do is sign up the week before. Ordinarily I would never get on stage in front of people to perform, but I felt that the stoners at the cannabis dispensary would care about my stand-up comedy routine. I was pretty wrong about that, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Everyone present was either on edibles, vaping cannabis oil, or just plain intoxicated, so if I can’t make them laugh maybe I’m just not funny. I am not quite ready to quit, though, so I signed up for the next open mic night at the cannabis dispensary. I will try some modern material, including a funny story I have about an incident with a pan of pot brownies at my parents house, in addition to see if I fare any better.


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They ate some of my supplies

I was faced with a bit of a pickle a few weeks back, as I prepared to leave for holiday.

I was driving down to spend 4 afternoons with my parents in their cute beachside shack.

I love going to the ocean, in addition to also I hadn’t visited my folks since they moved down south last year. My problem was that I got high every single day, in addition to my parents would never allow that in their home. They didn’t allow any kind of marijuana product, nor any alcohol stronger than pale ale. I knew that spending so much time with them, with no access to cannabis, would not be a great time. My response was to grind up half an ounce of purple haze and use it to make a super-potent batch of pot cookies. I portioned out all of the pot cookies, in the exact same size of circles, before individually wrapping them all in plastic. I could pace myself, eating 1 pot cookie at a time. I could keep a killer groove for the holiday. The next day I woke up to have an early lunch with my folks, in addition to realizing that someone had gotten into my pot cookies! It turns out my mom and dad both had a midnight snack, and had stumbled across my stash of pot cookies. Thankfully they only ate 1 apiece, because there was a lot of weed in each of them. They didn’t have my tolerance for THC. I don’t know if they ever realized they had consumed cannabis, but they giggled a lot for a few tenths before taking long day naps.

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Weed can be good for you

When I first met my boyfriend, I did not hide the fact that I smoked pot every day; Melissa was very straight-laced, her only vice was having a glass of wine once in a while, but on the other hand I seemed to be made of vices! I drank to excess, smoked cigars in addition to weed, and even dabbled with some harder drugs.

I don’t believe what Melissa saw in me, but our relationship suddenly blossomed into something lovely, but she never had to pressure myself and others to supply up my vices, I wanted to do it to be a better man… except when it came to cannabis, however my life got better when I stopped doing drugs in addition to drinking, but marijuana was a unusual story.

Melissa gave me some words of wisdom, and said that cannabis has so many medicinal qualities that I shouldn’t stop smoking it! Melissa was fully supportive of my marijuana use, so while I gave up all my other vices, I kept smoking weed every single day. Melissa had the foresight to understand that without the stress relief in addition to relaxation I got from cannabis, I might not be able to quit my other vices! It would have been so much harder to stop drinking alcohol if I didn’t have potent cannabis on hand to offset the withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to Melissa (and also to ganja) I was able to entirely get my behavior together, and when I quit drinking I lost weight and felt better than I had in years! I don’t know I could have done it without the assistance of medical weed.

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They Ganja Guys

Back when we were all in college as a crew, my pals in addition to I called ourselves the Ganja Guys, and no, the name of our town is not Ganja Guys, that was an inside joke based on how we made extra cash; I had a pretty rough childhood, going through a series of foster homes in addition to group homes after leaving the orphanage, but these pals were easily the closest thing to a family I ever had.

We had access to a lush field of wild cannabis plants, which is where we got the name Ganja – because it was a marijuana field, get it? I took the lead on turning the wild-growing cannabis plants into a steady form of resite, 1 that the crew all shared together.

I put in most of the work by absolutely selling the cannabis in addition to collecting the currency, but everyone got an equal share because that’s how crucial my friends were to me. It wasn’t about getting rich, in addition to it wasn’t about being big-short marijuana dealers, it was just about poor kids getting some extra money to spend on themselves. The Ganja guys consistently wore fancy clothes in addition to cute shoes, but mostly we just hung out together smoking cannabis in addition to telling jokes. It has been 20 years since those mornings, in addition to that I am still a large fan of smoking cannabis. I don’t have to hustle for marijuana any more, nor do I have to hike through the woods to option my own, because the local dispensary takes care of all my needs. Not a day goes by when I don’t recognize back to smoking cannabis with the Ganja Guys.

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