My girlfriend in addition to myself graduated from college in addition to the fact that I wanted to find a different type of job. I began working selling marijuana during college. I was lucky that I never got caught, because it was absolutely legal. After graduating from college, I had a really successful business. The people I was with in addition to myself knew that we could not be drug dealers. That was not an honest look kind of familiar. The people I was with were an addition to myself naked and honest. We thought about becoming legal marijuana sales people. The people I was with in addition to myself had experience with marijuana, business skills, extensive math skills, and condition to the fact that we were both willing to travel. There are cannabis dispensaries all over the country and the people I was with an addition to myself received a couple of responses. We decided to move to a state where there is legal Medical in addition to recreational marijuana laws. I found a job working in a major cannabis dispensary chain. It is legalized in the state and now I am the manager. Since marijuana seemed like it was going to be an unlocked career goal, I thought it was nice to find a job in the same industry that I was already doing so well then. My girlfriend in addition to myself those have a dream in addition to it will be owning our own cannabis dispensary one day in the very near future

Cannabis dining doesn’t have to taste horrible


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The people I was with in addition to myself have to work alongside 40 several employees while crunching numbers in addition to making calls. We have a sizable room with all of our desks in addition to the fact that it is not exactly a space where various people can handle the indoor environment. There was a lot of chaos, constant noise, in addition to very little sunlight. The people I was with in addition to myself have bosses in addition to managers that mag us everyday with endless problems. Thankfully I have easily discovered the magical power of weed candy. With weed candy for dinner and addition to lunch, my morning job always is a nice and relaxing time. Surprisingly, weed candy doesn't hinder any of my job performance. I actually think that the people I was with in addition to myself are better workers when we are under the influence of weed candy. Without the weed candies I am often angry and anxious at work. There are cannabis infused gummy worms in addition to pot brownies in addition to several other different types of weed edible items. All of these weed items have a long-lasting effect. Weed candy tastes great in addition to the fact that it can be very good to use when you have to be alert and oriented. The people I was with in addition to myself love thc-infused candies that pack a huge punch without ever alerting someone that we are stoned. That's one of the best things about eating pot candy

I have a dream and so does she


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Farming is in my blood and my veins

My family in addition to myself have owned farmland for numerous generations.

If say the general start, our farming area was massive.

Over time it grew into a very large farm and then my grandparents sold small Parcels of land until it was a smaller Farm. I have about Five Hundred Acres of Farmland, so the people I was with in addition to myself decided to start growing fantastic in addition to various cannabis props. The people I was with an addition to myself have plenty of privacy and plenty of bond space for various canvas props. It works really well and the marijuana plant doesn’t have to be out in the Sun or the elements. The people I was with in addition to myself still have marijuana and other vegetables growing outside the house. There are trusted Distributors that will buy the canvas and it is an easy transaction. The only problem is getting caught selling and growing marijuana. Right now selling and growing marijuana isn’t exactly legal. I’m trying to get in on the ground level and that means breaking a few rules in the beginning. My family had this farmland for a long time and now I am using it to take us into the future. By the time I am finished with ease cannabis crops, the people I was with in addition to myself will be able to buy all of the land back that our grandfather sold piece by piece. That is one thing that I would love to see happen in the future.
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Cannabis cooking is becoming more mainstream

My dream is being a chef.

In order for me to work as a chef, the people I was with an addition to myself had to attend culinary school.

It took multiple years for the people I was with to genuinely learn all of the information about being a fantastic Chef. The people I was with in addition to myself finished school and looked for a chef job. A local cannabis dispensary talked with me about starting a cannabis Cuisine Diner. The owner had a small section of unused space and he wanted to fill that space with a food shop that sold many different breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. I was Lisa when the people I was with an addition to myself heard all about the job. The people I was with in addition to myself started thinking about standard items love pot brownies and weed cakes. Cannabis can be infused into numerous different meals and the people I was with an addition to myself suddenly I had all of the time in the world to work on a menu. The people I was with in addition to myself are not putting together a single menu, but we will have many different cannabis infused dishes ranging from desert to appetizer and even main entrees. Cannabis cooking is becoming even more mainstream and the people I was with in addition to myself are glad to be in it at ground level. Other investors will likely join the franchise, but we will have the best and most tasty cannabis menu.
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Stopping thieves is my main job at the shop

The two of us worked as a bouncer at a local beer Tavern for a year.

The beer Tavern was a Rowdy site as the two of us had a reputation for allowing vipers to mix with farmhands and have beers.

The two of us witnessed friendly games of pool as well as darts that easily turned right into a fist fight. Eventually things got completely out of hand and I was risking my life for drunk people. The two of us wanted to experience a different type of job, so the two of us accepted a position at a pot dispensary. The people who smoke pot do not enjoy fistfights. They love drunk people. The two of us quickly realized that numerous people were shoplifting as well as stealing cannabis product. The two of us started working as well as the effects decreased. Major quantities of cannabis no longer go missing as well as there are losses that have been denied. Everything seemed to stop when the two of us began to work at the dispensary. The owner of the cannabis shop allowed me to wear anything I want, so I usually wear something that shows off my tattoos as well as my soul. When someone walks through the cannabis dispensary door, it is not uncommon for them to believe that I am there to make sure there are no problem. Needless to say, the cannabis dispensary no longer suffers from the same type of theft that it did before the owner decided to hire me Tuesday at the front door.


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One cannabis dispensary is more than enough

Legalization of marijuana is great for business.

Instead of having a lot of competition, legalization of marijuana has created more demand. It’s not absolutely surprising, due to the fact that this town is small as well as very remote. There hasn’t been a great deal of competition so as soon as pot was legalized, the two of us had many locals that actually wanted to try it. The two of us did not seem to be afraid of finding trouble within the law. The two of us had a growing house that we started in an outdated Barn. The two of us needed to scale up production and the two of us did as soon as the cannabis dispensary in town started. Things changed very quickly when the cannabis dispensary doors opened. Many of my common customers went to The Dispensary for a single reason as well as another. Suddenly I had a lot of marijuana and I needed to find out how to get rid of it quickly. The two of us had way too much marijuana after not having enough. The two of us called several cannabis dispensaries as well as talked about our excess stock. Unfortunately, in order for the dispensary to buy your weed, you have to be an improved broiler. Luckily, someone had a neighbor that could help me out. He agreed to buy all of the cannabis for one lump sum. I didn’t ask a lot of questions about what he was going to do with all of the marijuana inventory. Legalization of marijuana was supposed to be something good, but it wasn’t for me.

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My aunt was a hip and cool lady

The two of us wanted to be in a peaceful as well as quiet setting.

My position model for pot smoking was my aunt. She was outdated but very ancient even when I was a child. The two of us were great. The two of us talked as well as the two of us off and smoked out together. My aunt always liked to get high when we were out at family functions even if everyone was all just outside about her. My aunt didn’t care as well as she liked to smoke marijuana everyday and as well as all day. When many other adults gave her a hard time for exposing our family to the marijuana smoke, my aunt would simply remind them that cigarettes are even more dangerous. It was my aunt who originally helped myself as well as others up with our first marijuana joint. The two of us went out to the backyard to appreciate cannabis for the first time. The two of us wanted to be in a peaceful as well as quiet setting. My aunt as well as myself shared a wonderfully special bond as well as we still like to mail each other packages. My aunt taught myself as well as others that believing in the benefits of cannabis means never backing down when someone tries to tell you that it is wrong. Everyone knows that marijuana is a plant and there is absolutely no way that a plant can be bad for us. My aunt was a hip and cool lady and I know that she would have been happy to know that I am still fighting for everyone’s right to smoke marijuana.
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My friends and I were excited when weed was legalized

Achieving legalization of weed was extremely long as well as a very painful process.

Things in this country seem to tasks like that.

This is the only method for changing things and it is designed to be a long and arduous process. The country must love a cruise ship trying to move from one direction to the other. They take a long time to change of course and it doesn’t happen overnight. Legalization of cannabis was much the same. The First Time Cannabis was legalized, there were two of us sat on the porch all day long with our water bongs. The two of us probably smoke cannabis products as well as the two of us have done this for fifty or more years. The two of us have not a smidge on our criminal record as well as we have not actively broken any laws other than using marijuana. Now the two of us are loud as well as proud about marijuana smoking. The two of us would Puff Purple Haze all day as well as roll around inside of our care. The two of us never worry about spending a lot of time in jail now that my Alana has been legalized for all of us to use. My friend and I were really excited when we found out that this place was going to have recreational marijuana but it’s not going to be anything we can do right now until there are laws in place that will let cannabis dispensaries open up and sell weed.

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