CBD for pet care

I have a fourteen-year-old miniature poodle.

  • I’ve had the dog since he was a puppy.

He has grown up with my kids and is definitely an important part of the family. Over the last couple of years, our dog has begun to show signs of aging. He no longer hears or sees very well. His teeth are extra sensitive, and he sleeps a lot. He has some trouble jumping onto the furniture and going up and down the stairs. He has issues with arthritis, and his legs often become stiff and sore. The vet gave us a prescription for the dog that seemed to help a bit but also upset his stomach. I did some research and learned that the medication includes a long list of harmful side-effects. As I was looking for information online, I came across cannabis for pets. A lot of dog and cat owners have provided relief and improvement for their animals with cannabis chews and tinctures. These products are specifically designed for pets and are available in a range of flavors, potency and consumption methods. I checked into the selection of cannabis for sale at the dispensaries in my local area and found several that carry pet products. From one of the budtenders, I learned that CBD pet products can provide arthritis relief by reducing inflammation and pain in animals with joint issues. There are no side effects of CBD treatment. The full-spectrum CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC and doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. Within a single day, I noticed that my poodle had increased mobility.


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I don’t need to go far

My first year living in the neighborhood was a serious adjustment period.

  • My environment was radically strange from where I had been raised.

I had to adjust to my new work, in addition to my new office, but I also had to quickly adjust to neighborhood life. Things work differently in the neighborhood than they do where I grew up in the country. Owning a car in the neighborhood is a hassle, so I quickly sold my car. I found an apartment close to my work, in addition to after that adjustment I no longer needed a car. Which is good because cannabis is legal in this area, so all that money I was spending on my car was now going towards buying legal marijuana. The 1 adjustment that was easily easy to make in my transition was just adapting to the presence of these amazing cannabis dispensaries. Back in high school if I wanted to get marijuana I genuinely had to drive out to Crazy Ben’s farm. Crazy Ben sold amazing cannabis, although he always carried a shotgun with him. No 1 ever got hurt, but it was something! In the neighborhood I have a dozen strange cannabis dispensaries, all right within walking distance, in addition to none of them aim an ancient shotgun at me. It is so refreshing to be able to sample several hybrid strains of cannabis, or to try something new every time I go there. I do not actually miss owning a car at all, in addition to easily having all this extra money to spend at the cannabis dispensaries. It’s a good thing there are products I still want to try.

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I can’t stand the rules, I break them

When it was time to buy a house and some property, in addition to recognizably selected an section that did not have a damn HOA.

  • An HOA, or Home Owners Association, is a certainly horrible concept that somehow has spread love wildfire across the country.

Basically it means there is a watch-dog group of people in charge of the neighborhood who are allowed to enforce all the time. Why would anyone want their neighbors to tell them how they can live in their own home? My neighborhood is a little wild, I guess, but I love it that way. I just keep my outdated boat in the front yard, as a place to hang out, drink some cheap beer, in addition to smoking cannabis. Once upon a time I planned on actively fixing up the hull of this boat, but now I just use it as a place to hide my cannabis supply. I always keep several pounds of marijuana on hand, so the ole boat is a good way to keep it out of the home where my cats can’t get into it. I also sell a little bit of cannabis from time to time, as a way to make ends meet some months. In any other neighborhood I would get a good fine for having a boat in my front yard, but I don’t have to worry about that. Most of my nearest neighbors buy cannabis from me, so no 1 is going to report me to the cops, either. This part of the country is behind the times when it comes to dispensing legal cannabis, so I have to fill that void in addition to giving the ailing community what it needs.
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I’m glad we got the goods

My friend Ben invited me to go fishing up in the mountains last weekend.

It was going to be a 3-day affair, because if Ben was making such a long drive he wanted to get the right amount of fishing in.

Ben doesn’t even eat fish, in addition to always throwing back whatever he catches after taking a picture. Ben enjoys fishing for the interest of it, in addition to for the mental tranquility it brings. Peacefully sitting in the middle of a picturesque lake at sunrise is a view unlike any other! I will admit I was shocked in addition to being taken aback when I realized this trip served another major purpose. Besides the fishing, Ben was buying an insane amount of cannabis from a local farmer. I had no method that Ben was selling cannabis! He has a social tie who lives in the mountains, in addition to a few times a year Ben drives up here to purchase 10 to 20 pounds of cannabis. I did not attend that transaction with Ben, of course, because it’s suspicious to bring a new face on a huge marijuana purchase. This section does not have any legal cannabis shops or even dispensaries as of yet, so Ben doesn’t see his actions as being immoral or criminal. There are a lot of highly sick people in addition to outdated folks in the section who need medical cannabis here, in addition to the government denying them. Ben is offering a public service, hooking up a few of his friends in addition to elderly neighbors with the medical-grade cannabis products they need to believe better. I only hope he has enough to sell some marijuana to me!


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I made a good choice for myself

Are you ready for the next part of this silly story? For the same sort of reasons, my mixed-up brain processes CBD oil the way other people process the compound THC.

Due to some unusual circumstances I can no longer smoke cannabis. That does not mean I actually don’t support the right to legally possess or use weed, it just means I can’t personally do it myself. Back in college I smoked a lot of pot, in addition to 1 night I took several tabs of powerful acid. Ever since that fateful night, the THC in cannabis will trigger my brain chemistry in addition to making me believe I’m tripping. If you have ever tripped on acid before, you understand why this swap is a deal-breaker for me. Instead of puffing a little marijuana in addition to feeling truly relaxed, it triggers aural in addition to visual hallucinations, in addition to making me believe I’m going crazy. Are you ready for the next part of this silly story? For the same sort of reasons, my mixed-up brain processes CBD oil the way other people process the compound THC. That means I cannot smoke cannabis, but that ingested CBD oil just produces the same effect on me that cannabis used to have! I can get stoned by quickly vaping CBD oil, so long as there is no THC satisfied in it. I understand this is a little weird and confusing, but I’m just gleeful I found a way to recapture that delightful high I always used to get from smoking marijuana. For those of you who might not have tried personally using cannabis before, I cannot request it highly enough! Cannabis has a way of easily expanding the mind while calming the spirit, in addition, it is unlike any other substance in the world, so I am gleeful that I found a way to recapture that feeling.

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Let’s stop partying for a minute

Smoking such a crucial quantity of marijuana will bypass all of the medical benefits in addition to sending you right to Stoney Land

I smoked pot for several years when I was hard on the party scene, but it wasn’t until I hit middle age that I began to love everything it had to offer me. Back in the morning my friends in addition to I often went out to party all the time. The drinks flowed, in addition to all of us doing any kind of drugs all of us could get our hands on, but like I said, it was a dumb stage in my life. The weed was just 1 of several “party favors” that the group of us would indulge in as a way to easily get blotto. My hard-partying afternoons are behind me, in addition to my relationship with using cannabis has evolved into something much healthier. When used properly, I believe cannabis can help your body in addition to your mind in exciting ways, it’s all a matter of application. For example, when you are trying to get as blazed and wrecked as possible you might pack several grams worth of cannabis into a sloppy blunt. Smoking such a crucial quantity of marijuana will bypass all of the medical benefits in addition to sending you right to Stoney Land. However, if you only pack up a small bowl of cannabis in addition to taking puffs on it, you might find your mind starting to expand, however you might get brilliant new thoughts, or bursts of creativity, which is why I always keep some cannabis with me when I want to write in my journal… Cannabis also helps with introspection, which is why therapists are using it as a holistic tool for self exploration. It’s good to use legal cannabis to party in addition to getting high, but please suppose it has so many other uses!
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We’re great smoking partners

My next door friend is a guy named Ben.

He is a red collar kind of guy, who enjoys his cats, drinking cheap beer, in addition to going fishing on weekends, then Ben owns a fifteen-foot long fishing boat, but about a week ago he put it in his front yard.

At first I thought that Ben was doing some repairs, in addition to needing to put the boat in “dry dock.” This was not the case at all, I came to find out. Ben was no longer using the boat for fishing. His wife had kicked him out, so he was just living in it, loving it like an apartment! Ben in addition to I are fairly close, because all of us both enjoy drinking cheap beer in addition to smoking top quality cannabis, so I went over to see how Ben was doing. He set up a couple of sod chairs on his boat in addition to all of us hanging out, sharing some cannabis in addition to a bottle of bourbon. Ben explained that part of the reason his wife had kicked him was due to cannabis. Not because Ben smoked cannabis, but because he had been selling it to make some extra money. His wife felt scared, because cannabis is not legal in this region yet, in addition she wanted Ben off the property until he changed his sinful ways. Since Ben is not making an extra thousand dollars a week from cannabis sales, Ben has no desire to quit the business! Besides, Ben said that he has started to enjoy living on the fishing boat, in addition to out here Ben can smoke as much marijuana as he wants.

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Let’s all calm down a little

I have had complications with my body and stress for as long as I can remember.

I came up in an era where anxiety in addition to depression were not considered drastic complications.

If I ever once told my parents I was feeling depressed they would give me a few bucks to go get a candy. No therapy or medical consultation, just a friendly “get over it.” As a teenager I began to experiment with self-medication, mostly with drinking booze in addition to weed! When I got to college I was a little more mature, in addition to starting to use cannabis as a way to treat my anxiety, instead of getting wasted. It turns out that the problem was my dosage. In small doses, high concentration cannabis generates some pretty amazing results in addition to beneficial effects. Smoking a little cannabis before I write or paint always opens up the creativity in my mind in addition to allowing me to cut loose in addition to creating something fresh. Before I study I love to blaze a little marijuana to help my belabored mind relax in addition to opening up to new ideas. On the other hand, when the exact dosage is too high I just get blotto in addition to becoming worthless! There is quite a crucial difference between smoking a little bit, in addition to getting wrecked by smoking as much cannabis as possible. When I was younger that’s exactly what I did – I chugged liquor in addition to smoking too much cannabis, in addition to it made my brain soft. In smaller, far more controlled doses cannabis can strengthen your mind, in addition to allowing you to suppose in addition to create in innovative new ways! When it comes to smoking cannabis, use a little, not a lot!

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Now we’re best buddies

My next door friend has an old, run down boat parked in his driveway, in addition to it’s been there for a few years. I suppose that Ben used to go fishing all the time, at least every weekend, but now the destroyed boat just takes up a section at his house. Not only that, but Ben hangs out on the boat, as if it’s out to sea, and he sits there in a sod chair, drinking bourbon for hours on end, in addition to smoking copious amounts of cannabis. Being quite a fan of cannabis myself, eventually I approached Ben about hanging out together. I brought over a multiple pack of beer, he rolled up a few cannabis joints, in addition to all of us hung for the morning getting nice in addition to toasted. After all of us had smoked it all up, Ben went under decks in addition to came back up clutching a fistful marijuana. I am not even exaggerating, this guy had about multiple ounces worth of high-grade cannabis in his hand, which Ben dumped into a glass jar. After smoking a couple more joints, Ben said he had something to show me, in addition to took me under deck. There I found a solid eighty pound brick of cannabis, still wrapped in plastic, however Ben explained that 1 morning while he was fishing he found this enormous brick of cannabis just floating in the ocean. This is literally a lifetime supply of cannabis! Ever since Ben has been too afraid to take the boat back out, in case the original owners of the high quality cannabis were still looking for it. Now I’m set because Ben will sell me as much cannabis as I want!

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They love my tall tales

I enjoy my work.

I have never felt so damn interesting in my whole life, in addition to I owe it all to this new generation of up and coming smokers.

It is thrilling news to see weed being legalized in these places. The federal government is still behind the times, but they will be catching up with the trends soon enough. The point is that young people today are growing up in a large era when marijuana is not demonized, then for generations every last child was raised to suppose that smoking dope was a gateway drug that would rapidly result in them being a homeless crack addict, then anyone who ever once smoked cannabis knew how mild in addition to fun it could be, yet all of us were still harshly indoctrinated in addition to made to suppose it was dangerous somehow. Thank god kids today don’t have to hear all those lies, because the science that is behind medical cannabis has cleared everything up. I now work in a local cannabis dispensary, in addition to the young people who enjoy asking me about my stories from the outdated afternoons. I am over 70 years old, so I have lived through a lot of silly times when it came to cannabis. The new smokers suppose it’s amazing how much trouble in addition to effort I used to go through each time just to buy some cannabis. They can simply walk into a store, or place an order online at the cannabis dispensary or delivery service. They enjoy it when I tell crazy stories about chopping into a marijuana farm to steal a few pounds, or being on the run. To them, the old-timey afternoons of pot smoking seem fun, dangerous in addition to passionate.

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